A food event with the spoon project at O-jewel in Tokyo.

A food event at O-jewel " Thinking through eating " with the spoon project by Maki Okamoto. Photo by Tetsuhiro Koyanagi

Things have always more than one aspect but most of them are hidden. Often we only see a small part of the whole image. If we can open our mind and try to discover different points of view. we can live a happier life. It can brighten our day.

The unique shape of these pieces of cutlery confuses you or maybe makes you smile?

It is more than cutlery. There is a connection to your emotion. You can play with it.

… but in fact it is not more than just cutlery.

*** The day when “Prinsesstårta” (princes cake ) is in front of you

19:00- Thursday 25 December 2014 @ O-Jewel/K,






12月25日19:00、ここ西麻布 O-Jewel/Kにて

  • title : Thinking through eating by Maki Okamoto
  • at : O-Jewel, PALOMAPLAZA B2 3-13-15 Nishiazabu Minato-ku 106-0031 Tokyo, Japan
  • period : 17th-25th December 2014
  • photo : Tetsuhiro Koyanagi