Quintuple fork by Maki Okamoto. Photo by Steinbeisser.
The triple spoon by Maki Okamoto. Photo by Steinbeisser.

In this “The spoon” project, I am aiming to transform antique cutlery found in Stockholm and inherited by my husband’s family. The result is a kind of mutation that contains the cutlery’s ingredients, but where the function is no longer obvious. The spoons invite us to use our imagination and to find out different perspectives, whilst becoming a part of the creation.

I have collaborated with an Amsterdam based art unit called Steinbeisser with this “The spoon” project. Food events called ”The Experimental Gastronomy” was organised by Steinbeisser, and held at Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. The food and drinks were entirely plant-based (vegan) and sourced from local organic and biodynamic (Demeter) producers, and the guests ate food with my unique cutlery. These events celebrate experimentation and the search for new ways to enjoy food.

You can see more of my spoons at Jouwstore.com

  • material : Silver plated antique cutlery
  • year : 2010 - 2015